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Welcome to Grown Women Brunch



Welcome to Grown Women Brunch!

My name is Norma L. Jarrett. I am an author, speaker, visual storyteller and creative with many multi-media gifts I plan to use to full capacity! I wrote my first novel Sunday Brunch decades ago and continue the series. I realize how much we evolve throughout the seasons of life but ladies, we are still having Brunch! And since we've lived a little and the conversation is different! Which is the reason I created the Grown Women Brunch Podcast! I look forward to talking about things that matter to women with true life experiences. Although age is not a factor (young people come with life experience) I want to share information, topics and interview guests that can speak to women at various seasons of life. So pull up and chair and a few of your girls for the Grown Women Brunch Podcast. <3


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